Bert Marcelis

Software Engineer · Proud iRail volunteer

I believe in Open Source & Open Data

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2017 - 2018

The fastest and most user-friendly way to get train information in Belgium.

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2017 - 2018

More data & better reliability for iRail, the public (rail) transport API in Belgium

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Charleroi Airport

2017 - 2018

The only way to know your gate beforehand when flying at Charleroi Airport. Departures & Arrivals with notification support.

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VRTNu for Android


A user-friendly native Android phone and TV application for VRT Nu, the Flemish on-demand TV platform.

Taken down by VRT



An HTML5 and Javascript browser client for Stievie, a Flemish live and on-demand TV platform which lacked support on larger screens

No longer available


2011 - 2016

Powerful server management for Minecraft servers, the number one for hosting your own server at home.

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  • Master of Science in Information Engineering Technology (Cum Laude)

    In my masters thesis on the user-perceived performance of route-planning APIs I researched the client-side performance of Linked Connections, a new format to publish public transport data. For this I developed algorithms to transform this raw data into results for users' queries. This was done an Android application (client-side) and a PHP application (server-side) in order to be able to compare.

    Awarded with the TomTom award for best engineering thesis

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  • System Administrator & main contributor at iRail

    As system administrator, I was responsible for the migration of all iRail websites and services from their older, slower infrastructure to a completely new server setup. In order to do so, I chose a new provider based on performance, reliability and cost, and decided on which servers would host which services and/or websites. I installed the required server software and configured it for optimal performance, after which the services were migrated without downtime. As a result, the iRail API became way faster and more reliable, after which usage increased as well. As main contributor I fix most bugs and ensure all systems keep running, which includes fixing and rewriting existing code, deobfuscating 3rd party APIs and adding new features. I also contributed to the development of Linked Connections, a new data format for Public Transport data.

  • Project Lead & Student coach at Open Summer of Code

    Open summer of code is a 4-week summer programme in July, that provides Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services. During this 4 week programme I am the coach/lead developer for the OASIS project. As student coach I help team members with different backgrounds and experience levels to bring the project to a good end. At the same time I'm the lead developer, putting the right people on the task which suits their profile best. Thanks to this job I can get my first experience leading and managing a team, while also gaining more experience in prototyping and product development myself. To conclude, the OASIS project makes use of Linked Open Data, allowing me to get more hands-on experience with publishing and (re-)using Linked Open Data See less

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  • PHP Developer at We Connect Data

    We Connect Data is a startup located in Ghent where I worked multiple times as PHP developer, as well as completing a 3 month internship. I was responsible for implementing new features and debugging existing code in large Laravel 5 applications like DataScouts. During this period I learned to pay more attention to code quality and cleanliness.

  • PHP/Drupal developer at Mediaraven

    At Mediaraven I was responsible for writing a new monitoring website using Drupal, Drush and PHP. Using this internal monitoring site the team is able to monitor hundreds of sites from a clear dashboard. After finishing this project well before the deadline I implemented multiple smaller features for their website creation framework.

  • Backend developer at Open Summer of Code

    Open Summer of Code is a 4 week programme in different Belgian cities during the summer break. The goal: provide Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services. During these four weeks I gained my first experience working in a professional environment with excellent coaching. I developed the backend for a calendar application using PHP5 and Laravel.

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